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OnePlus 8 - Comments

24/08/2020 10:03
Source: Banggood

great phone dor the price

Conclusions: great phone dor the price. for now.. unstoppable.
16/08/2020 04:39
Source: Banggood

Everything is good

Conclusions: Everything is good, but don't have eu charger And it didn't arrive in three to five business days as it was written. The product Came To me within 9 working days out of a total of 15
13/08/2020 08:49
Source: Banggood

Package was arrived in 14

Conclusions: Package was arrived in 14 days. I think it is really fast. EU priority line so I dont have to pay extra for customs. Maybe I missed it in the description, but I was surprised that the package included an adapter (US/CN -> EU). Package wasn't damaged. Phone looks great! Build is massive. Maybe you cannot see it on the pics but the back of the phone is matt (not a shiny fingerprint collector like other phones). I was really satisfied. If you want an even cheaper phone you should look for Google pixel
10/08/2020 08:16
Source: Banggood

The phone is very well

Conclusions: The phone is very well assembled, premium materials and hardware. It is a global version of the software and wotks flawless out of the box. The power adapter is with chinese plug, but the package came with an international adapter that works well. The phone itself has been shipped in 17 days with no problem of additional fees. For the price it has been paid it is a best buy!
07/08/2020 09:30
Source: Banggood

The phone is very good

Conclusions: The phone is very good, fast and nice looking. It looks like the seller took previous reviews really seriously, because I got a proper EU charging adapter! I am uploading a picture of it to show how it should look :)
01/08/2020 04:51
Source: Banggood

Perfect! 9 days Spain-Greece

Conclusions: Perfect! 9 days Spain-Greece
30/07/2020 03:18
Source: Banggood

great device

Conclusions: great device. the 90 hz is amazing
27/07/2020 09:06
Source: Banggood

I will give 5 stars

Conclusions: I will give 5 stars because the phone is awesome but Banggood disapointed me, they sent an open box, without adhesive seal or plastic seal. I will never know if anyone installed a malware or something like that, or if its even original. It can even be refurbished. I simply don't recommend because you will be always worried.
22/07/2020 03:57
Source: Banggood

Very fast and good shipping

Conclusions: Very fast and good shipping
Apostolos Kechagias
13/07/2020 06:34
Source: Banggood

Arrived quicky

Conclusions: Arrived quicky. The only negative is that the power brick is not the eu standard and while an adapter was provided it's impossible to use in modern socket houses.
04/07/2020 11:44
Source: Banggood

This is my 3rd

Conclusions: This is my 3rd. One Plus phone,,,and its a nice good phone.
29/06/2020 11:19
Source: Banggood

superb smarthone

Conclusions: superb smarthone, slim, powerful, top notch processor, curved screen, beautiful appearance, fast OS
29/06/2020 11:17
Source: Banggood

excellent smartphone

Conclusions: excellent smartphone. fast, slim, powerful
Alexandros Nakis
27/06/2020 03:55
Source: Banggood

Oneplus is the best android

Conclusions: Oneplus is the best android for me! I can notice only 2 disadvantages! 1) lack of radio 2) The camera is not the top camera out there. Therefore, the other caracteristics are top!
22/06/2020 02:37
Source: Banggood

very fast delivery

Conclusions: very fast delivery. big phone but flat. awesome
15/06/2020 12:45
Source: Banggood

The phone came before the

Conclusions: The phone came before the estimated time, which surprised me a lot in a positice way :). Also the order was pretty well protected and with everything that I had ordered. I recomend this :)
08/06/2020 03:12
Source: Banggood

Shipped out within 2 days

Conclusions: Shipped out within 2 days and delivered just 2 weeks to Japan even though covid19 situation. This is great! And no defect / failures on the produts. Thanks!

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