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Doogee F7 Pro - Comments

H***o S.
09/07/2017 04:42
Source: Electronicskingdom

Has NOT been delivered

Conclusions: Has NOT been delivered. Poor Service!!!
P***l S.
25/05/2017 12:48
Source: Nagicylotus Store

The phone works great so far

Conclusions: The phone works great so far, as i have not received any complain from my customer..
05/11/2016 12:00
Source: DealExtreme

Very pleased with this phone

Conclusions: This costs about the same as my OnePlus X did, but this Doogee F7 Pro is the better phone. I am very pleased with the build quality, which seems solid.
04/11/2016 12:00
Source: DealExtreme

Excellent quality for the price.

Conclusions: Totally blown away by the exceptional build quality. The phone is easy to operate and the reaction time is very fast. I installed the fingerprint safety feature and it works perfectly. Cons: Very little instruction material supplied which can create problems at first. Pleasantly suprised at the quality of this product considering the price. My wife has a Samsung Note5 which cost 3 times as much. My wife is now a little jealous and is considering ordering the Doogee F7 Pro for herself. Also, before I forget, from ordering to delivery in the Netherlands took just 14 days. What a service DX.
15/10/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: It is the second device that i bought, now i have one golden for my girlfriend and one black for myself. We are very happy, this phone is amazing as i have said to my previous review
Limitations: ofcourse none
09/10/2016 12:00
Source: DealExtreme

very good phone

Conclusions: i have it for a month. its really good phone. super fast. i dont wait fraction of second for any app. long battery life - a day and half at least. good & big screen. high resulotin camera. cons: it has no sd slot! for 26MB camera, i hoped for better pics.
06/10/2016 12:00
Source: DealExtreme

Very good phone for a very good price.

Conclusions: Pro's: - The phone has a nice and big screen. - The build quality is better than that of major brands (better than Samung S7 for example). It feels very sturdy and the build quality is that of a premium phone. - The battery is excellent. It lasts two days easy with heavy use. - It actually came with a protective case and a screen protector out of the box. - it came a very nice box. Con's: - A little bit bigger than I expected. But that isn't actually a con because I should've known the size before ordering it. Conclusion: The phone took about 20 days to deliver to the Netherlands. That wasn't that big of a shocker, but it was the maximum shipping time that DX says. Anyway, I had to pay an additional 60 euro for the phone because the customs were claiming that. Anyway, the overall quality is so good, this is an absolute bargain! I will buy another phone on DX when I need a new one.
06/10/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: This phone is perfect... Iam very pleased and happy about my purchase. I can't believe how fast is it, both cameras are fantastic, the quality of the phone is very high, excellent design, beautiful pphone, the best i had so far!!!
Limitations: none
05/10/2016 12:00
Source: DealExtreme

Great Design, Very Fast

Conclusions: I thought about buying the apple Iphone 6. Than a friend told me, why to pay so much money and told me to look for the new doogee phone. I was thankfull for his idea and looked for the new DooGee Pro 7. Now I have bought a better phone than the Iphone 6 within more specialities and a faster cpu in it. The Doogee Pro 7 cost me a quater of the Iphone 6. I
18/09/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Simply amaizing

Advantages: Very good phone, I've had it for 1 week and i can't complain about anything. The speed is amaizing, both cameras are awsome. Compared it with my friends samsung galaxy s7 edge (which he also just bought) and the available RAM on F7 was 2,5/4,0 GB while on S7 it was about 800MB/4,0GB. The only thing better on the samsung's S7 is its screen density. But overall I'd say it's worth the price and I am extreamly sattisfied.
Limitations: The shipping was great, but I had to pay customs expenses which I hadn't predicted and those were 30% of the phones price. And there was no warning about such expenses. Also the tracking site said the phone arrived at the country of destination but when i called the postal office they said the package was held at the customs. So i had to call them and they said the package doesn't have a receipt so i had to e-mail it to them. After that the phone was delivered to me. If I hadn't called the package would have been sent back to the sender.
11/09/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: I have had this product, the F7 pro now for over a week. I have fully evaluated it to my normal everyday usage and the product has come through the riggers of extensive usage with top marks. I have been an iPhone user for well over 8 years using I phones 3 + 4 + 5 and this phone beats the iPhone hands down. The ordering process was so simple, even though I was on a pre- order for 4 weeks and I received my phone on the released date.why does anybody spend 3 times much more £ on an iPhone when they can have a far better phone for far less £.
Limitations: There is no"notes" app included.. I prefer the simple application.

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