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Meegopad T08 - Comments

17/11/2017 12:00
Source: GeekBuying

Very pleased!

Advantages: It is performing well and it meets my needs. I access the internet, perform word processing, make videos for the internet, watch streaming videos.
15/11/2017 12:00
Source: GeekBuying

Good little machine.

Advantages: Boots really fast and runs smoothly, streams Youtube video and browses the internet flawlessly. Like it!
14/11/2017 12:00
Source: GeekBuying

Nice little PC

Advantages: I was greatly surprised by the quality of the product itself. This is a very good mini pc with Windows 10, everything works great.
Limitations: High-end performance without any flaws.
27/05/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

Nice device [for that price]

Advantages: - smaller than expected (~123x50x14mm) - very lightweight (66g for the stick, 84g for the charger, 150g in total!) - Windows 10 comes in 64 bits version, is easily activated and can be migrated to Creator's Update - off 32 GB eMMC storage, there are more than 14 GB of free space left The T08 stick is visually attractive and Windows 10 activation and migration to the Creator's Update is made without issue.
Limitations: - Windows 10 did not worked properly. Reinitialization did not worked. I had to force Creator's Update install - WiFi does not work well either. But it is something you could expect from this kind of device without external antenna - the fan makes so much noise. When you insert an USB drive, the fan get scratchy and sometimes stops for a few seconds - the BIOS is not accessible. I could not start from an USB-drive, meaning I can't do a clean install of Windows or try another OS. - no power with USB Type C port. The device starts but stops after a few seconds The stick is amazing for the price I paid but it lacks power trough USB Type C (at least mine), the BIOS is not accessible and the fan noise is scary... Anyway, It was worth a try!
24/03/2017 12:00
Source: GeekBuying

excellent performance!

Advantages: Worked as expected, will buy another soon

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