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Shipping - Warranty - Buyer Protection

There are too many questions on the delivery of goods purchased online, so this special information pack was created. It will explain to the visitors of our website what and why you should pay attention to when buying in Chinese online stores.


First, let's present a selection of basic facts and tips on delivery:

  • The shipping of goods is carried out by most shops within a few days;
  • When buying a new device, you should pay attention to the estimated shipping dates that can be found on all online stores;
  • It is worth remembering that delivery is not always free. Some stores charge for shipping goods by package delivery company;
  • A number of stores, when dealing with customers from a particular country, use exclusively paid delivery, in particular, UPS or DHL;
  • Pay attention to the possible taxation of goods at customs. Taxes are regulated by country law. 

We try to provide detailed information regarding the delivery in the price comparison unit, which is on the page of each product. However, the buyer must independently clarify the details before purchasing.

Delivery time

Sellers often deliver goods from warehouses in China (unless it is stated that the warehouse is in the buyer's country).

Delivery time:

  • Standard period - 25-30 days (80%);
  • The minimum period - 12 days (10%);
  • The maximum period - 60 days (10%);
  • Delivery from the warehouse located in the buyer's country - 2-10 days (100%).

Types of postal services

  • China post, Registered Air Mail - the slowest but cheapest postal service.
  • NL post, Posti Finland – the postal services, which usually deliver goods in standard time.
  • Singapore post - the fastest postal service through which parcels arrive a week earlier than when using the services of the above-mentioned postal services.

What should I do if the seller has not shipped the item?

To begin with, we note that most stores send goods in 2-4 business days after receiving payment. If the seller has not sent the order within the specified time, it is necessary to contact him to clarify the situation and possibly cancel the order.

Buyer Protection


When buying on Aliexpress, it is important to pay attention to such a moment as Buyer Protection - 60 days. During this period, buyers who have not received the goods or have quality claims are protected from the loss of their money. They can return some of the funds or the full cost of the product. The decision will depend on the Aliexpress Arbitration.

It is worth remembering that if the buyer did not receive the goods and did not open the dispute within 60 days, or the seller did not extend buyer protection, then there is no guarantee that he will receive a refund. When approaching the end of the Buyer's Protection, the buyer should write to the seller about the product (if it hasn’t yet arrived or if you have quality claims). The correspondence will greatly assist in resolving a dispute in Aliexpress Arbitration.

Conscientious sellers themselves extend buyers protection but sometimes there are dishonest ones.

More information is available on Aliexpress site.


If you order goods at Geekbuying or GearBest, it is advisable to pay by Paypal, which guarantees delivery of the goods within a specified period, as well as a refund if the product is not received.

The price comparison unit also shows how many negative feedbacks have each seller. Choose top rated stores.

We try to filter out dishonest sellers immediately and not display information about them in the price comparison unit.

More information is available on Paypal site.


Online stores do everything possible to ensure that customers like their products. All goods are subject to quality control before shipping. You don’t have to worry when making purchases at online stores since all items are covered by the warranty.

It should be noted that the buyer should check all items for quality issues within seven days of delivery and warranty period for a product begins on the day it is delivered to the buyer.

How warranty works

Here you can see all the steps you need to take to receive a refund for bad quality products:

  • You need to submit a return request in My Orders.
  • Customer Service will review your request.
  • Customer Service will send a Product Return Form to you.
  • You need to complete the form, include it in the package, and sent it to the return address.
  • After the store receive your package, we will process your replacement/refund.
  • Custom Service will contact you with details on your case.

The buyer does not receive a refund in the following cases:

  • the user flashes the firmware of a product (device);
  • the user opens the body in order to fix a device; 
  • the user modifies, removes or swaps part of a device;
  • the user continues to use the product after one fault occurs causing more damage; 
  • user fails to contact the store when the first fault occurs;
  • warranty does not cover cases of damage from accidental breakage, misuse, or general wear and tear.

Buy wisely and get professional and quality support that you deserve!

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