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Review Elephone ELE Band 5


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29/08/2018 09:00

In addition to inexpensive smartphones, Elephone also produces other accessories, such as a fitness bracelet, which are gaining popularity. Now they are presented a new model of a smart bracelet - Elephone Band 5. Previous models of bracelets from this manufacturer were good, so this device will become another competitor to Xiaomi Mi Band 2, maybe even Mi Band 3. Externally, Band 5 is no different from a number of devices of this type. As for us, it's a complete copy of the same MAKIBES HR3 or MGCOOL Band 5. Features and capabilities are also not much different.

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Display and Bracelet Band

One of the advantages of the Elephone Band 5 can be considered 0.96-inch color display with a touch button at the bottom of it. The display size will be sufficient to display notifications of calls and SMS, as well as to view all the main activity indicators.

The bracelet band is made of rubber and comes with a variety of holes to fit wrist.


Despite the price of $30, the model features many functions. This smart watch is no different from most similar devices. The device offers all the necessary functions of fitness bracelet:

Pedometer: counts number of steps made by user.

Heart rate monitor: monitor of heart rate.

Sleep Monitoring: sleep control works based on your physical activity. The function shows how many hours the person slept. It will also calculate the number of hours in the deep and light sleep stages.

IP67 technology: the use of this technology allows it user to put the device into water for 30 minutes at a depth of 15 cm to 1 meter. In addition, it makes the device dustproof.

Anti Sleep: it is useful during night driving, because it allows you to adjust the vibration time to prevent the user from falling asleep.


ELE Band 5 works great on device running on Android or iOS using Bluetooth 4.0. When connection will be established, Band 5 starts to notify you of an incoming calls or SMS. Then you will not skip a message or a call, because the device will vibrate when they come. The gadget can also supports applications, like Facebook, Gmail, etc. Thus, any SMS or notification from apps will appear on the device's display.

To connect smart bracelet to your smartphone, you must have Android 4.4 and iOS 8.4. To use the gadger with all its functions, you need to download a special application from Google Play or App Store.


The device has a built-in 90 mAh battery. It takes about 2 hours to charge this device. A fully charged battery provides autonomy for up to 10 days.


Elephone ELE Band 5 has an excellent design, that’s why the device comfortably fits the wrist. It has necessary features, so it will be good for a person who wants to monitor his health. This one is the best one in price range.

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