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Review Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W


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29/08/2018 02:34

The third version of the sports gadget from Lenovo Company got a full waterproof design and original interface for charging procedure.

Fitness bracelet Mi Band 2, which became the most popular portable device of all time and people, brought Xiaomi not only a good profit. The most important thing is millions of grateful users who connected to the Mi-ecosystem and in the future, most likely, will purchase other products of the company.

The success of a small bracelet had not fallen on deaf ears of competitors. That’s why Lenovo decided to release new fitness bracelet Cardio Plus HX03W. 

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Lenovo Cardio Plus comes in a small black box. On the back, there are barcode, specifications and other information of the device.

Inside of the box, we found only the bracelet itself and two information booklets.


The device itself looks great. The screen occupies almost the entire front side. 

Unlike Mi Band 2, which is a round capsule inserted into a special recess in the bracelet, the Lenovo Cardio Plus has a rectangular shape. Two halves of the silicone bracelet attach to the gadget using special fasteners, one of which hides a full-fledged USB connector for charging.

This design has an important advantage: you do not need to worry about a special adapter to charge the device. You can simply unfasten the silicone strap and connect the device to any available USB port. In addition, if you get bored with the color of the watchband or it breaks off, you can replace it with another one.


The main functions of Lenovo Cardio Plus - pedometer, calorie calculator, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor. Switching between functions is made by a single touch to the touch button located at the bottom.

The pedometer is marked with a picture of the sneakers and the number of steps taken. There is an alternative mode, which activates by a long tap. It provides information about mileage and energy consumption during a walk.

The heart symbol and the last heart rate value are displayed on the heart rate monitor screen. To start another measurement, you just have to wait a few seconds. In the program, you can also activate the automatic pulse measurement every 15 minutes. However, it should be borne in mind that this mode leads to a rapid discharge of the battery.

There is training mode. First, it simply displays the running little man, but if you do a long tap, then the training mode is activated. At the same time, the time of the current activity and heart rate will be constantly displayed on the screen. You can also switch to displaying miles and calories burned.


There is special application for Cardio Plus HX03W, which is called Lenovo Healthy. It's easy to download and install via Google Play Store. When the application is launched, it quickly detects device and connects to them.


Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W - a beautiful and elegant gadget with many settings. There is a lot of potential in this device.

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