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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 32GB - Comments

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28/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

Redmi note 3 pro

Advantages: Excellent phone
Limitations: No 800mhz band for Greece
26/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

redmi note 3

Advantages: -Design -Functionality -Price -Material Quality -Multitasking without any problem, really fast
Limitations: -Wifi keeps getting disconnected. Though it is an issue of the manufacturer (xiaomi)
19/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

Amazing Phone

Advantages: I have had it for more than half a year now and I cannot say anything bad about it
Limitations: None
19/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: - perfect quality product at its price level - matches the description fully - robust and nicely processed - working fast, no crashes - nice international MIUI, easy to use
Limitations: - battery capacity little bit dissapointing - small weaknesses of camera
14/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Advantages: * Price * Quality (metal frame) * Fast * 1800 band works mostly on the network in Europe
Limitations: * No SD card * Difficult to install fingerprint sensor
04/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

Very good

Advantages: Value for money product. Seems fast enough with very good camera and nice design.
Limitations: Doesn't accept micro SD card, but it has enough space (32GB).
04/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

XIAOMI REDMI Note 3 32GB 4G Phablet

Advantages: It works well Good quality beautiful phone
Limitations: So far all good
03/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: phablet xiaomi redmi note 3 very good,thanks!!!
Limitations: nons
29/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: USed the mobile for one year now... WOW... not any problems encountered. Rapid
Limitations: When the mobile gets stuck on something the first time... I thought that i would have to wait till battery is over completely to be able to switch on again. But after remaining stuck for some time (5 mins maybe)... i restart by itself
27/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: Great phone for the price. Does everything you need
Limitations: None
25/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Xiaomi Redmi note 3

Advantages: all recent technologies sensors big screen with vivid colors long lasting battery very thin phone, comfortable in the pocket OS updated to MIUI 8
Limitations: didn't find any
25/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Advantages: Fast and no lags, the fingerprint sensor is good, battery ok
Limitations: None
21/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Love this phone

Advantages: Very very Very very Very very Very very Fast, easy to use, big screen,
Limitations: if it will fall down at least once, the screen will be 99% broken
20/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: You do not have the junk apps you usually have from carriers. It works agilely and with guarantees
Limitations: For a phablet is it had to fault it as it is one of the best options in this mobile device space
09/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

A great mobile phone with extremely good OS

Advantages: I received the phone today and configured it. Until now it seems, it's the first phone that fulfills my needs in terms of child care and parental control. I am able to switch off WIFI and mobile data automatically with an app if I give it the permission. This was impossible on all the phones before (Sony, Samsung, Huawei) and it made me crazy to try to get some technical rules implemented in the phones settings. Thanks for this MIUI OS! Quality is very high. Perfomance is a charm.
Limitations: The addons are not of perfect quality - like the USB cable or the loader. Images in low light are not perfect as expected.
09/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Xiaomi redmi note 4G

Advantages: You do not have the junk apps you usually have from carriers. It works agilely and with guarantees
Limitations: Some translation error without major problems. As in the main screen the date comes in English instead of in Spanish
03/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: Beautiful design Super large battery Great screen comes with earphones
Limitations: For a phablet is it had to fault it as it is one of the best options in this mobile device space.
01/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

One of the best phones I ever had

Advantages: The look and feel of this phone is amazing (metal body, rounded corners). The camera is fantastic - even the front camera (if you remove the protective film ;-)). The fingerprint sensor is very convenient and fast.
Limitations: The phone is a bit slippery and you have to be careful to avoid dropping it. The battery cannot be changed (and for me this meant that I could not sent it in for repair - due to new air carrier regulations - after getting problems with charging via USB).
27/11/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: Quality as a mark. Good product.
Limitations: No sd slot. Nothing more at the moment
27/11/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

xiaomi readme note 3

Advantages: There are no problems.The phone works ok,batery more than one day with full internet access..
Limitations: none

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