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ZUK Z2 Pro - Comments

26/04/2018 05:48
Source: Chinatronic Store

Perfect, the

Conclusions: Perfect, the product arrived on time, working ok and with goodies. Certainly, I indicate the store. thankful
17/04/2018 06:25
Source: Chinatronic Store

Good seller

Conclusions: Good seller, he send the order quickly, arrive before the estimate date, i recomend this store for shore
04/04/2018 05:23
Source: Banggood

Great phone, great Banggood!

Conclusions: This phone is great! This is the second that I purchased, this is a gift. Unfortunately it's arrived defective (it didn't hook up any telephone network), but within a few weeks I received another one to replace him. As promised, I immediately received a refund of the shipping cost to send back the defective phone (24 euros). So, great phone, great Banggood!
27/03/2018 04:20
Source: Banggood


Conclusions: I'm a long time Zuk Z2 fan and i've used my Z2 Plus a lot as for its range price it takes great photos and videos and performs better than many competitors. I saw that there was a good deal on the Z2 Pro and so after spending some days wondering what to do i decided to take the chance and move a step up by buying the Z2 Pro. For it's price it's an amazing deal. The design is beautiful (infact i got a TPU transparent cover so that it stands out even more), the camera is even better than its little
07/03/2018 07:30
Source: Banggood

Top Mobile

Conclusions: the mobile phone ZUK Z2 Pro is working perfectly, fits in the Hands, specially I like the one button
18/02/2018 03:09
Source: Banggood

Very good cell phone

Conclusions: Very good cell phone, excellent cost benefit, great performance, beautiful, very well built and well finished, very elegant, great cameras, makes very good pictures, pre installed film, I liked it a lot, recommend it
12/02/2018 05:11
Source: Banggood

Good Gadget for Phone Enthusiast

Conclusions: Price - Performance wise one of the best phones on the market. Phone itself is manufactured nicely and without any flaws (maybe beside the ON/off, Louder, quieter buttons on the right which are bit "loose" - but no deal breaker!!!) The OS needs some attention, love and care, but with some help of the very active community even the "normal user" is capable to get this phone running perfectly smooth. I highly recommend this phone each and every phone and android enthusiast! For those kind of people,
10/02/2018 12:00
Source: Banggood

Great phone

Conclusions: Very fast, solid and nice looking. Screen is awsome. Battery 2-3 days in normal usage.
10/02/2018 09:58
Source: Banggood

fast service

Conclusions: excellent!!!
08/01/2018 05:02
Source: Banggood

great phone at a good price

Conclusions: good performance and storage capacity. it performance much better than my old nexus 4 phone.
Ron Nimcheski
22/12/2017 02:07
Source: Banggood

This Phone Is Fast

Conclusions: I bought the Zuk 2 the older model - lasted 1 year The Diode when out - I think because the Adapter I used. The Pulsating power was coming back out of the connecting cord- So yea - Watch what adapter you use - Not the 5v charger - I was using the cord adapter from Amazon. I only Trust Anker for that from now on. I Love this phone it is thinner than the other model - Its great - It Matches the speeds of phones that cost $500 and $600 and More - This phone is pretty bid in Europe. I like the record
17/12/2017 07:08
Source: Banggood

Lenovo ZUK Z2 phone

Conclusions: Beautiful phone. Screen very bright and contrast. Powerful processor and more memory. Thank you very much. Good luck.
28/11/2017 08:17
Source: Banggood

Top quality product !

Conclusions: I am super satisfied with my new phone, it looks and feels very luxurious ! Amazing screen, very fast ! The only worry I have is about the camera, not so good and the auto-focus is sometimes very slow. I don't know if it is a software problem.
Dene Andre
23/11/2017 02:51
Source: Banggood

Excellent but tricky to update

Conclusions: Excellent phone. Tricky to update and install the STOCK ROM and can brick the phone. You may need a DEEP FLASH CABLE. Follow instructions from ZUK FANS EUROPE. Overall, an excellent phone and mighty good value. Took hard work to get it into stock mode.
22/11/2017 06:42
Source: Banggood

Great Product

Conclusions: The phone is a great piece of device. It has the specs as advertised. I have been using for a little of 6 months and it's super smooth. lags are hardly observed. The gold tint on the aluminium sides of the phone seems to easily dent. A case is advised from niklin. Quality of the product is still top notch will enviable good speeds.
13/11/2017 02:03
Source: Banggood

Lenovo Zuk Z2 pro

Conclusions: Shipping is fast. Product arrived in good condition. I love this one it comes like stock Android OS.
12/11/2017 07:15
Source: Banggood

very good phone

Conclusions: Very good quality . I'm delighted this phone . It's lovely . I had to change fake global rom to official zui 2.5.462 . It is very ease . I recommend .
06/11/2017 01:36
Source: Banggood

product as described

Conclusions: nice package. it came with US plug as expected. it came with screen protection film . many language to pick from when turning it on the first time.
01/11/2017 05:45
Source: Banggood

One of the best phone for this price

Conclusions: Very good quality, fast working, long work one cycle battery. I think it was very good choice.
31/10/2017 06:13
Source: Banggood

Very good

Conclusions: This machine dispenses comments, a machine. This is already the second one I get and the store is the best. Highly recommend to all.

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