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SOOCOO C30 - Comments

13/02/2019 12:00
Source: Tranhowe Store

Color:C30R BLACK Bundle:OPTION7

Conclusions: Is not removed, but it works-Pre, full set, take the bag-good quality and two battery.
AliExpress Shopper
20/12/2018 12:00
Source: VeFly Store

Color:C30 silver Bundle:Option 2

Conclusions: Taken the camera through SDEK. Firmware was old, had a new download. But the cover for battery does not close, broken reed. Akvaboks does not take place in the home, check in sea
AliExpress Shopper
21/11/2018 12:00
Source: VeFly Store

Color:C30R silver Bundle:Standard

Conclusions: Shipped quickly and chosen the fastest shipment company Turkish Postal Service (PTT). The product arrived only in 9 days. I have never seen before such a fast arrival. Thank you very much. I strongly recommend the seller and the shipment company combination.
12/11/2018 12:00
Source: Tranhowe Store

Color:C30R BLACK Bundle:OPTION8

Conclusions: Me percaque lacking the bag you buy by which to Ian spent many months and initiate a dispute. I hope decided
29/09/2018 12:00
Source: ZXTOP Store

Color:C30 Black Ships From:China Bundle:Choose 2

Conclusions: The Seller sent the order at the last moment, when sending time almost expired. Put The charger old type-not Dual Charger. Two battery during charging show only half the listed capacity. Opened The debate, an exacerbation of Ali express without considering evidence provided to me closed in favor of the seller.
17/08/2018 12:00
Source: YTCAM Store

Color:C30R Black Bundle:Option 5

Conclusions: I don't control this camera. Is this a Initial failure?
AliExpress Shopper
09/08/2018 12:00
Source: ZXTOP Store

Color:C30R Black Ships From:Russian Federation Bundle:Choose 8

Conclusions: Order 30.07, Courier brought 07.08 (courier clever, could not get through any phone, neither the intercom, дозвонился only in apartment door, for it is a tremendous Thank you). All stated that the seller in standard and a set of 8 is present. All working. The Breast and forehead belt there is the smell. Akvaboks-Goodbye manicure, or nails (for me, hard to open-close). First time see charger with two wires, which fit Android and кнопочному phone. the two charges is one of the batteries and my push button phone (connected to the two charging, WHO also bought on Ali, the photo). When taking pictures, the screen, there is a small effect "fish-eye". The water has not experienced. One negative-instruction in English and Chinese languages (online to help).
12/07/2018 12:00
Source: SOOCOO Franchised Store

Color:Black Ships From:China Bundle:Standard

Conclusions: Received the camera within the stipulated time and I must say i was very happy with the packing. The experience with the camera is amazing and shoots excellent quality videos. The only drawback would be it doesn’t come with a memory card and has no own memory.
05/07/2018 12:00
Source: ATPowers

Color:C30R black Ships From:Russian Federation Bundle:Standard

Conclusions: week-it very fast! battery is fully discharged was включилась camera-even, that is not good. relieve video is normal, so so photos, and not but this camera. боксе потёрто just on the glass, and the rest all good. many accessories. general satisfied, such price for even more.
28/06/2018 11:16
Source: Banggood

nice video quality very fast delivery

Conclusions: everything fine.price nice quality of video and picture great.very fast delivery.great choice for the price.thank you
05/06/2018 12:00
Source: ZXTOP Store

Color:C30R Black Ships From:Russian Federation Bundle:Choose 8

Conclusions: Доставка около 10 дней. В наборе вроде все, просто там столько всякой мелочи... Брали ребёнку очень нравиться снимать всякий экстримал, пусть учиться.
28/05/2018 07:34
Source: Banggood

looking good. much parts.

Conclusions: when I try the quality I will let you know
16/04/2018 12:00
Source: SOOCOO Official Store

Color:C30 black Ships From:China Bundle:Option 7

Conclusions: taken the chest mount head моноид and very satisfied. understood standard mounts many quality surprised at night. day so bomb general recommend. 14 days delivery very fast.
17/03/2018 12:00
Source: ATPowers

Color:C30 silver Ships From:China Bundle:Standard

Conclusions: Good day. I bought in your store camera 27.02.2018. After several times use have a problem with screen.It not included, conditions purchase agreement I have 1 year warranty so I hope for your help and further cooperation.
16/03/2018 12:00
Source: China Bay ConsumerElectronics Store

Color:C30 black Bundle:SET 6

Conclusions: Nice quality videos, working pretty smoothly. Quick delivery, very good camera.
25/02/2018 12:00
Source: SOOCOO Franchised Store

Color:Blue Ships From:China Bundle:C30R

Conclusions: record дошла-10 days package to kazakhstan fast (singapore post). packed carefully. box looks very solid, is made of mdf not cardboard. шикарна camera! mean гопро-3 SJ5000 and use, this camera is they do not inferior, but much cheaper. picture, put stabilizer works as. pile brackets boxed. саморазряд minus-small single battery. разрядился off rest for a week 80%. for this camera remote control-order who will be out of the box does not work. расстроился even on top. button and hold both at the same time clamp must turned but as long both until will flash, after let go. this routine i проделал twice remote earned. uniquely and seller recommend. n. s. h9 akvaboks екен from this and sj4000 camera, if.
Y***n Y.
15/08/2017 11:30
Source: ShenZhen CAR BABY Technology co,ltd.

It is a very bad cam

Conclusions: It is a very bad cam. It is charge finished very quickly. max 15 min. and when you on cam it is start to recorded a video otomatical. It have very bad program far use with phone. and it sayss 20M picture but it is look like 10M
P***w N.
24/06/2017 03:09
Source: ShenZhen CAR BABY Technology co,ltd.

Hi Thank you very mutch for the Soocoo C30 R

Conclusions: Hi Thank you very mutch for the Soocoo C30 R. The device came here in a nice package and all is in good order. It was only 13 day on its way. Thanks for the fast sending.
15/02/2017 05:15
Source: Banggood

amazing camera

Conclusions: I have used it in the swimming pool and waterproof case is working very well. I have mounted on top side of ski but I think I need to mounted around my helmet or even attach to the body. quality of the video is just amazing.
22/07/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Good camera

Advantages: This is great choice for the privé

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